Avik Technosoft brings clients something most development shops cannot ... EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE!


About Us

Avik Technosoft knows mobility. We create easy-to-use custom home office and mobile applications for businesses that help off-site and on-site employees be more productive while saving time and money. Custom apps provide critical information in real time, reduce administrative labor costs and accelerate a company's revenue while lowering its overhead.

We have experienced and passionate group of designers, developers working on PHP. Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories.

Our customized mobile apps enhance connecting, coordinating and managing every aspect of your business through sophisticated yet simple-to-manage automated apps. Avik Technosoft offers off site-worker systems that monitor and manage sales staff, technicians, home health care providers, nurses, drivers, transportation and virtual teams. Trying to manage, monitor and coordinate this type of worker with old technology can adversely affect a company's bottom line.

In addition to the many mobile apps we have created that are in use today, we have both software AND hardware experience that goes back over 5 years. We take pride in our ability to constantly innovate and stay on the cutting edge of technology, both from a technical development standpoint and from user/business experience needs.

What We Do

Android App Development

Android Apps

Extensive Android app development; including interactive sales presentations for technicians, nurse and home healthcare worker dispatch, fleet GPS tracking and RFID tracking of endangered rhinos in Africa.

Android App Development

IOS Apps

We develop versions of our enterprise apps on the iOS platform as well as Android. Our iOS apps include custom business service solutions, client interactive sales presentations, consumer contractor search and field force dispatching.

Google Glass App Development

Wearable Apps

The “next big thing” is wearable smart devices and we are on the forefront of this next wave of technology with our apps for Google Glass. We have Glass versions of our enterprise apps in addition to other apps for barcoding, video streaming, remote control of Glass and more.

Website Development


Basic and advanced website development are major components in our arsenal of technology tools to create complete solutions for our clients.

Telephony App Development


Telephony solutions such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) have been around for over 20 years. We leverage this legacy technology to create new, compelling solutions by integrating text messaging and apps.

Windows App Development


We develop custom client and server software that includes integration, SQL and MySQL database and cloud solutions.